Project examples

  • Telfort

    Where: Amsterdam Zuidoost
    What: I assembled system and requirements documentation, using  DOORS, a software package used to create systems and requirements documentation.

  • Uniface

    Where: Amsterdam Zuidoost
    What: I documented various aspects of the UNIFACE product. This involved writing online help in RoboHelp and fixing documentation bugs. I was also responsible for the structure of the online help for UNIFACE. I followed various in-house courses on UNIFACE Proc language.

  • HP

    Where: Amstelveen, near Amsterdam
    What: I documented various aspects of HP’s OpenView Service Desk suite of service applications, using FrameMaker+SGML. Other tools I used at HP were ClearCase (for configuration management) and WebWorks Publisher (for producing online help).

  • ING

    Where: Amsterdam Zuidoost
    What: I documented some of ING’s Corporate Credit Risk Management (CCRM) software modules using Author IT.

    April 2018: I’ve just finished a six month contract at ING, writing documentation on ING’s Touchpoint Architecture / Touchpoint Platform.